Movement App connects people on the move, outdoors, and helps them to teach their skill.

Download Movement App

Download Movement App
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Connects active people

People participating in group training experience joy to a greater extent than others. Movement will connect people outdoors and help them to teach their skill to others. To become coaches and invite more people to move.

Create Movement events

We solve everyday problem we have as inline skaters - we do not have a platform where we can find, track live and join others on the move. The same issue bothers most people enjoying life outdoors - bikers, hikers, surfers, outdoor gym enthusiasts, etc.

With Movement you can set up a private or public Movement event, add your riding plans, checkpoints, other relevant info, and then invite friends or all Movement users to join you. People checked in to your event can find you where-ever and when-ever they decide to join because with Movement they can see your location live. Or if you just want to chill, you also can join events organised by Movement users.

Share your skills

Movement will become a platform where talented people can share their skills by organising paid Movements - you can teach what you are good at and get fair pay from participants. For instance, If you are a good skater you can organise "how to brake" class in your hometown or even on your street. It becomes a platform which helps you to make your dream come true - become a teacher of your unique skill without a sports-club. In skating, biking, parkour, freestyle dance or whatever.^^

Who would benefit from Movement?

Active and adventurous person who likes outdoor activities and wants that other similar people join. Group who started an outdoor activity together but have lost each-other. People who are late for group activity. People who dream of becoming a coach, teach their skill without sports-club.